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Paradise Brewing Supplies was started on January 15, 2007 in a small office space above, what was then, Graff’s T.V. We would work 8 hours at our original job and then open the Supplies section from 6pm-9pm, every weekend.

In 2013, with the election of a different Governor for the State of Ohio, came a law lowering the brewery license from $3906 to a flat $1000 per year. This prompted us to try out the brewing side of this business. We applied early in 2013 and by November, our license was in our hands. After receiving our license, came the build out of the taproom.

We opened our taproom on March 1, 2014 and haven’t looked back! At this time, our system was geared to produce only 10 gallons at a time! (Hard to believe) We opened serving 4 beers on Friday and Saturday only. Many times, people’s enthusiasm ran us down to only 1 beer! In 2015 we decided to take on investors and increase our output 15-fold. We purchased our 5 BBL (160gallons) system from a US manufacturer by the name of Psycho Brew out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. (This is the same system we use now for our experimental/ new recipes.)

This upgrade allowed us to open more days and hours. We continued, as best we could, putting in long hours and sacrificing all we had until Covid came calling in March of 2020. Now I’m not blaming anyone, these were very uncertain times, but our State closed us “to lower the curve” what was supposed to be only 2 weeks but turned out to be a 2.5-month ordeal. This was awful. As time went on, we kept our eyes on another brewery which was going through its own hard time.

Finally, on March 1, 2021, we stepped up. We acquired the land and buildings of The Old Firehouse Brewery on Main Street in the beautiful village of Williamsburg Ohio. It took us over a year to re-furbish, repair and bring up to date the previous abandoned equipment. It was a LONG year but it finally has paid off. As of May 6th, 2022, we have our full license to brew beer and wine at both of our facilities! What a relief. Now we are focusing on making more of our signature beer and opening our bigger taproom in the second location. With more production, comes ideas of bottling or canning, which are on the horizon.

As of September 2022, we evolved our Anderson location, transitioning from the Paradise Brewing Supplies store to an expanded brewery and taproom experience. This transformation has allowed us to welcome more guests with additional tables and seating. We invite you to join us in our newly renovated space, where the essence of community and craft beer comes to life.